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  • "They were real with the students. They were engaging and allowed the students to ask questions and express their viewpoints. I loved the video they showed. The students did as well. I felt it was a powerful message and we talked about it during other lessons. It was a positive climate for sure. The presenters were down to earth, humorous, sincere and knowledgeable. I would definitely have them come in again." 

  • "They were very informative and down to earth. Their use of personal experience was a nice touch to the presentation and offered additional credibility to the information on the slides."

  • "The presentation was beneficial to all who were in attendance. The presentation helps people to think outside the box!!!"

  • "Jen was very informative and engaged the audience. I learned a lot from her presentation and would recommend her for future projects."

  • "Excellent guest speaker, really informative."

  • "I was concerned a couple of my students would become distraught during this presentation. They did not. I thought it was a good experience for everyone."

  • "She presented a very touchy subject with diplomacy and respect, and would highly recommend her to others!"

  • "They had good stats and facts while trying to keep the room light with all the heavy material. I liked their presentation."

  • "Knowledgeable, relatable, engaging, great presentation!! Would love to have her back for future students!!"

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